The Hair Museum Coming Soon To Baton Rouge

Why should you visit the Hair Museum?

The Hair Museum is a place that focuses on beauty training and aims to educate its visitors about the history of different hair types.

Tours will be held throughout the week, where ticket holders can curate memories with friends and families by participating in the selfie museum and exploring educational and networking opportunities.

The Hair Museum is committed to enriching the Baton Rouge community with an array of hair styling courses.

It offers a platform where new and established hair stylists can elevate their skill sets through guidance from industry experts.

Who does The Hair Museum Serve?

The Hair Museum is an excellent venue for gaining knowledge, boosting productivity, and improving skillsets. Aspiring entrepreneurs can learn and implement new ideas, while small businesses can connect with others, host events, and advertise their services.

Individuals can capture special moments and participate in unique classes and events that promotes the community of hairstylists.

Moreover, corporate salons can offer their professional hair stylists continuing education to stay updated with the latest trends and techniques.

hair museum baton rouge

Selfie Museum

Explore a realm of self-expression and imagination by visiting our one-of-a-kind selfie museum that is constantly evolving.

hair museum baton rouge

Education Classes

Discover valuable skills and techniques from renowned experts in the industry

hair museum baton rouge

Space Rental

Looking for a unique and inspiring space to host your events and sessions? Look no further! We offer the perfect venue for all your needs.


Monthly Event

Come and participate in enjoyable and engaging activities suitable for people of all ages.

hair museum baton rouge


Discover the evolution and significance of hair culture through our captivating museum exhibits.

Domonique Mosely is a respected stylist, educator, and successful entrepreneur in the beauty industry.

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