Meet Domonique Mosely Hair Educator & Professional Stylist

Domonique is advancing the hair industry with a focus on versatility, creativity, diversity, style, and skill

Offering hair classes in Baton Rouge, LA Domonique Mosely, is a respected flexible stylist mastering all hair types, in the beauty industry. With over ten years in the industry Domonique’s heart has been in bridging the gap between race and sex in the beauty space. Her desire stems from being the only African American hairstylist in a predominately Caucasian hair salon for over 10 years. What could have been perceived as a barrier had been a great challenge for Domonique as she excelled in her role and made six figures just after a few years.
To date, Domonique has soared and accomplished many great things at a very young age, from home ownership, to business ownership.

Domonique Mosely ability to learn the history and dynamics of all hair types and implement it in her work is whathas set her apart in the beauty industry. Now as a professional educator her passion is teaching other aspiringstylist to be open minded and adaptable to learning new skills, allowing their career and clientele to expand andreach their full potential.

If you feel stagnant in your talent, it’s time to refine your craft, and thrive. Connect with a professional beauty consultant today to improve your skillsets and thrive in your beauty and hair career.

Feeling Stagnant in Your Beauty Career?

Discover the best-kept secrets for growing Black women's hair by downloading Domonique's e-book.

Meet Domonique Mosely, an exceptional hair stylist whose expertise lies in mastering the history and intricacies of all hair types. Her unparalleled skills have made her a distinguished name in the beauty industry. Today, as a professional educator, she is dedicated to sharing her passion and knowledge with other aspiring stylists.

Domonique firmly believes in the power of being open-minded and adaptable to learning new skills, which can help stylists reach their full potential and expand their clientele like never before.

Domonique Mosely Is An Independent Hair Educator Offering Hair Technique Classes in Baton Rouge, LA

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Learn the essential steps for successfully executing a U-part or Closure installation.

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Discover practical and easy methods for maintaining your client's natural hair.

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Discover the steps to craft your client's hair extensions on a primary or advanced level with our comprehensive demonstration.